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Do you need concrete flatwork?  Great!  That's what we do.  

Driveways, Patios,  Sidewalks, Garage Floors, Pool Decks and more

Want to make a statement? We specialize in Stamped Concrete!    

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 Our goal is to offer the best product for a fair price.  

We value our customers and strive to achieve their desired goals.  

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Founder, Paul Kelly, has dedicated over 30 years to creating exceptional and long-lasting concrete installations. Since 1983, Paul has remained on the cutting edge of new  products and designs. He spent fourteen years in California, where he  honed his style and developed his own innovative ideas and techniques.  Returning to Minnesota in 2003, he's helped hundreds of customers with their design decisions. 

Currently, stamped and stained concrete are the most popular types of  decorative concrete and encompass most of our work. We strive to bring  your ideas to life. It is our commitment to have satisfied clients that  we can count on as referrals in the many years ahead.